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Network Connections - May

Work in the time of corona(virus)

It’s been more than a month since many of us in Europe have been at home, trying to juggle work, childcare, home schooling, staying sane and, most importantly, healthy. As our Chinese colleagues have started to return to work, we’ve had to quickly adapt to our current realities.

It is hard to predict how long our lives will be constrained; each government has taken different approaches to managing the crisis. This uncertainty is a challenge for many things – including business planning.

IETA typically has a jam-packed schedule of conferences and meetings throughout the year, all around the world. Some of these events have been, or are being, adapted for a virtual delivery, and our working groups continue to hold regular phone calls, video conference calls, and webinars, including presentations from policymakers and experts. Even our weekly IETA staff call has moved to Zoom! At a time of physical disconnection, we’re prioritising keeping our community virtually connected.

During this desk-time, we are using the time to accelerate certain projects and develop new resources for IETA’s members and our wider community. We recently launched a Latin America and Caribbean Task Force to focus on the increasing carbon pricing activity in the region, and we are also busy preparing several products to release over the coming weeks – watch this space.

With increasing calls for economic recovery plans to put the environment at their core, our work is going to become even more important. This decade is the world’s last chance to avert disastrous climate change and IETA will continue to be the voice of business on the power of markets to deliver the transition. Get in touch with us to learn how you can be a part of that.

Eva Weightman
Relationship Manager

For more information about IETA and our work, check out www.ieta.org


  • Our schedule of events is on pause during the Covid-19 pandemic. IETA has arranged a series of webinars for our members in the meanwhile; please contact us for more information about joining. 

IETA Member's Corner

How is Hydra Energy involved in the carbon market?

Hydra sells green hydrogen for use in fleets converted to co-combust hydrogen with diesel as well as for injection into natural gas pipelines. These solutions offer carbon reductions in the very near-term in sectors that otherwise have limited technology options today to abate emissions. At no cost to fleet operators, Hydra can retrofit existing trucks running on diesel to also run on hydrogen with no compromises on performance, as tested in real commercial fleets for over three years including during Canada's harsh winter conditions. Hydra can also safely inject hydrogen into the natural gas grid to decrease the carbon content of natural gas. The carbon reductions we achieve through using green hydrogen instead of fossil fuels can be traded in carbon markets, such as to meet low carbon fuel standards and renewable gas mandates. Putting a price on carbon brings in further revenue that helps Hydra to scale our solutions faster and hit emission targets sooner.

Why did you join IETA?

Hydra joined IETA because we are a small company and know we can achieve much more working together with IETA and their membership. It saves us money and time to leverage IETA tracking relevant developments, raising awareness and lobbying on issues facing Hydra and other members. IETA providing a business focused voice to policy-makers as carbon markets proliferate is imperative to ensure markets function fairly and transparently.

Jessica Verhagen
COO, Hydra Energy

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