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Building on our successful partnership with ITN Productions the produced the “Blue-Sky Thinking” programme last year, IETA and ICROA are delighted to announce a new edition “Net-Zero: The Integrity Pathway” that will be launched in the build-up to COP27.

The programme will raise awareness of best practices in carbon reduction and offsetting, showcase the organisations performing well in this area and highlight the benefits and impacts these activities have for individuals and communities on the ground.

The programme will also explore the difference between compliance markets and voluntary markets and the latest technological advances and innovations surrounding the trajectory to net zero. Featuring expert interviews, news items and reporter-led sponsored editorial profiles from leading organisations filmed on location, the programme will launch in early November 2022 and will be supported by an extensive campaign targeting IETA members and professional networks.

Key Themes: 

The Road to Net Zero
High Integrity Carbon Offsetting & Benefits of Carbon Projects 
Removal vs. Reduction 
Technology & Innovation 

All IETA members including ICROA-Accredited Organisations are invited to submit their interest in sponsoring one of the programme’s episodes and sharing their net zero stories with wider audiences. 

For more details, please contact Lukasz Biernacki – ICROA Communications Director – at biernacki@ieta.org. The ITN Productions team is also available to discuss the programme details with your Marketing Teams. 

Recap of last year’s edition: “Blue-Sky Thinking: The race to achieve net zero emissions

Climate change is happening at an alarming rate and the need for us to bring about change and deliver on net-zero goals is evident; rapidly decreasing ice sheets, record temperatures and extreme weather events are just the tip of the iceberg.

Driving this change doesn’t mean economies will be destroyed. The low-carbon future in fact brings many opportunities, for governments, for businesses, and for individuals.

IETA and ITN Productions Industry News partnered to produce a news-style programme which explores the methods of creating a cleaner future that don’t cost the earth, Blue-Sky Thinking: The race to achieve net zero emissions. 

The programme showcases the latest developments and game-changing initiatives in carbon markets, energy-saving innovations, renewable energy and natural climate solutions – all crucial elements in driving the change and creating new opportunities.  

Anchored by ITN Productions presenter Claire Nasir from the ITN Productions London studio, Blue Sky Thinking hears from experts within the sector and features informative interviews, news items and sponsored editorial profiles from leading organisations filmed in studio and remotely on location. The programme features two films commissioned by IETA, looking at the magnitude of the challenge ahead to reach net zero by 2050 and the latest innovative technology and work connecting governments, academia and business in strengthening action. 

The full programme and individual videos can be viewed below. Please contact press@ieta.org with any questions.

PART 1: The scale of the net zero challenge

PART 2: The path towards net zero

PART 3: Interview with Dirk Forrister

PART 4: C-Capture

PART 5: C-Quest



PART 8: Novartis

PART 9: Verra

PART 10: Wildlife Works

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