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Net Zero

A growing number of businesses are adopting targets to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 – at the latest – mirroring action seen by governments in pursuit of achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement. These businesses seek to change the way they operate and create a new business-as-usual fit for the future.

IETA’s Council supports efforts to achieve net zero emissions and fulfil the goals of the Paris Agreement, and has pledged IETA’s support in the development of meaningful net zero policies and strategies. Emissions trading and carbon markets will be key to delivering the “net” of net zero, and IETA’s track record in the area of market-based solutions puts us at the forefront of the conversation.  

A number of IETA’s members have made voluntary net zero pledges, compiled in this database, from different sectors and from around the world. This will be actively updated as more of our members join them or add more details to existing pledges. Please email Katie Kouchakji with any queries or to submit a net zero plan for inclusion.

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