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One of IETA’s objectives is to provide information on the world’s carbon markets, which we try to fulfil in a number of ways. There’s your obvious communications – such as our quarterly report IETA Insights, our Emissions Trading 101s, case studies and reports. But also key to delivering this are our events, held around the world throughout the year, which is where I come in.

The challenge every year is to make sure we have the most up to date issues covered wherever we are in the world, and that our speakers and content are relevant to the local audience. This is no easy feat, especially given the fast-moving pace of carbon market developments globally! Devising a conference programme is a real team effort, with all of the IETA staff helping identify the key topics of the day and finding speakers, as well as liaising with our event partners, such as the UNFCCC, World Bank, and regional development banks. It takes several months to develop each programme and plenty of collaboration, but that’s one benefit to being a part of IETA: you’re never out there alone.

Our events rotate around the world, so that we can reach as broad an audience as possible and give everyone – from South America to Asia – a chance to engage, meet their contemporaries and share stories (which feels especially important in this year of the Talanoa Dialogue). In the months ahead, we’ll be in Singapore for the Asia Pacific Carbon Forum in July; Montevideo in August for the Latin America and Caribbean Carbon Forum; and then hosting a special edition of Carbon Forum North America alongside the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco in September. And that’s not to mention all the other events that IETA team members attend and speak at... Our 2018 calendar culminates at the COP in Katowice Poland – watch this space for more information on how to get involved in the months to come!

It’s a juggle, but we always feel energised from coming together and meeting our members and friends, and those on the ground involved with the day-to-day realities and practices of carbon markets. We hope to meet you at some point over the coming months – please come and say if you’re at any of our events!

Lisa Spafford
Managing Director, Events & Partnerships


10-11 July: Kordula Mayr from our Brussels team will be attending a European Commission event on the long-term clean economy vision

11-13 July: Meet a number of the IETA Team at the Asia Pacific Carbon Forum in Singapore - click here for more information!

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