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Network Connections - February

A global organisation

IETA is a truly worldwide organisation. Our membership spans the globe, reflecting the ambition and drive that exists in all countries to address the challenge of climate change. This community is often virtual in nature, represented by our Working Group calls and membership briefings, and by our publications such as IETA Insights and our periodic articles.

But the value of IETA is best demonstrated when we gather for our events. IETA’s annual programme of seminars and conferences, together with our presence at UNFCCC meetings provide an invaluable opportunity to network, to catch up with colleagues across the many industries that we represent, and to gather insights from a wide variety of experts.

Our events are designed to be platforms to promote dialogue among the public and private sector on innovative ways to drive climate action. They represent prominent global conferences where leaders from government, industry, business, finance and technology gather to envision the next generation of climate-smart solutions to transform the global economy.

Our schedule for 2020 reflects our continuing mission to reach as many people around the world and to reflect the most up-to-date thinking on regional and global market mechanisms.

We’ll kick off the first of our regional Climate Weeks in Kampala, Uganda in April, followed by Late American and Caribbean Climate Week in July, while in September we’ll host both our Asia Pacific Climate Week as well as Carbon Forum North America.

We will also be present at the first Middle East Climate Week, which takes place in Dubai in October.

In between these regional fora, we will also host our second annual European Climate Summit (ECS) in Barcelona in May, timed to coincide with the Innovate4Climate event. Our first ECS was a great success, at which we celebrated IETA’s 20th birthday as well as hosting in-depth discussions on the main issues that Europe faces as its emissions market prepares to enter its fourth phase.

Our traditional IEA/IETA/EPRI Greenhouse Gas Workshop will take place in Paris in October, as we prepare for COP26 in Glasgow. We are planning to host our usual Business Hub and a wide-ranging and comprehensive set of side-events as negotiators knuckle down to the task of agreeing on Article 6.

As always, we welcome participation in our events and conferences from both members and non-members. IETA members benefit from discounts and complementary benefits, while non-members can benefit from sharing experiences, know-how, products and services, as well as building visibility and promotion.

We hope you’ll join us at some of the events lined up for 2020. Please feel free to call me to discuss opportunities and to learn more about our schedule.

We look forward to seeing you in 2020.

Lisa Spafford
Managing Director


  • Ellen Lourie will participate in the Nature-based Climate Solutions Summit in Ottawa from 5-6 Feb.
  • Ellen will also attend a Canadian Climate Law Initiative event on the morning on 13 February
  • Katie Sullivan and Ellen Lourie will be at the GLOBE Forum in Vancouver on Feb 10-14.
  • Stefano De Clara will attend a Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition carbon pricing communication workshop on Feb 11-12.

C-Quest Capital

How is C-Quest Capital involved in the carbon market?

CQC is a diversified sustainable energy and land management business using climate finance to to accelerate market development and deliver clean sustainable energy and land management services with a core focus on the rural poor in the developing countries. We specialise in creating carbon assets with verifiable outcomes for women’s and children’s health and prosperity. Through our brand, Transformation Carbon, we tailormake projects at all scales for the voluntary market and impact focused compliance carbon buyers. A significant part of our business is clean efficient cooking. On the average dry season day across Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and East Asia we deliver 1000 stoves to rural households cooking on open fires and have a funded investment programme of a million stoves for implementation by the end 2021 completion. We have developed methods and processes to independently verify additional years of healthy living and time saved from drudgery for women and girls alongside our carbon-financed stoves and fuels. 

We are among the largest suppliers of international carbon credits to the Korean carbon market and the only supplier of international credits to the Californian compliance market under the CAR CEQA forward crediting programme we helped design.

We are also arrangers and investors through various partnerships in solar energy with storage from households utility scale in Malawi and biomass pellet fuels in Malawi and Cambodia.

Working with Indigo Ag in the US and Regenerative Agriculture Farmers (RAF) in Australia, we expect to make major progress in 2020 towards our long held ambition to catalyse a global market for Soil Organic Carbon that we see as the only viable solution at scale to mitigating and adapting to climate change near to medium term.

Why did you join IETA?

We are joining IETA because, through our founder Ken Newcombe, we collaborated with IETA from the beginning of the carbon market and are thrilled to finally join IETA as a successful and growing business in addition to maintaining individual friendships built over decades. In this new role, we hope to participate more directly as a proud corporate member in the extraordinarily valuable work of IETA.

IETA Publications

The Economic Potential of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and Implementation Challenge report, prepared by IETA and co-sponsored by Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, with the help of researchers and modellers from the University of Maryland. 

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