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B-PMR Mission in Guangdong, China, 2013

In October 2012, the International Emissions Trading Association launched its Business Partnership for Market Readiness, or “B-PMR.”  IETA expressly designed this initiative to complement the World Bank’s Partnership for Market Readiness and its goal of shaping the next generation of carbon markets.

We are building the B-PMR with a clear objective: to support the development of good business practices in the operation and/or design of market based instruments to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in new jurisdictions that are developing emissions trading and carbon pricing policies.


  • First business to business discussion on emissions trading in China
  • Over 80 Guangdong C02-emitting companies attended
  • Endorsed and welcomed by the Guangdong DRC
  • Experiences shared by leading companies from EU
  • Workshop's effectiveness acknowledged by leading Chinese companies

B-PMR got off to a strong start in 2013 with a week-long mission to the Shenzhen and Guangdong ETS pilots in China.  Invited by local government leaders, the B-PMR organized a team of IETA experts from 20 companies to meet with local businesses and policymakers in southern China.

Have a look at our comprehensive workbook of the Guangdong Mission in English and Chinese below, and feel free to view the videos and presentations from this unique event between IETA and Guangdong industries.



Download the pdf version of the workbook from the B-PMR mission in Guangdong in English or click open publication (above) to read online.


Download the pdf version of the workbook from the B-PMR mission in Guangdong in Chinese or click open publication (above) to read online.


Dirk Forrister (IETA)
Congwu Zheng (Sinopec)
Zhigang Luo (GIEC)
Stefan Bundscherer (GIZ)
Dirk Forrister (IETA)
Yijun Chen (GRDC)
Dr. Chenyong (GDLC)

Stefan Bundscherer (GIZ)
Eric Boonman (Statkraft)


Lutz v. Meyerinck

Dan Barry

Brief introduction of industrial enterprises’ obligation and rights under ETS

Hans-Joachim Ziesing

Guangdong Low-Carbon Development Promotion Association

Michael Mei

Introduction and experience sharing of Phase I, II and III allocation plan of EU ETS

Dan Barry

The workflow for enterprises to participate EU ETS (Including allowances registry, and surrender allowances)

Caspar Chiquet

MRV in the EU ETS

Xu Weijia

Sean Gilbert

Preparing for ETS

Massimiliano Varrucciu

Jason Qiao

Camco Clean Energy
欧洲碳交易体系监测, 报告和核证 钢铁行业经验分享

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