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Just released - BPMR PMR Carbon Market Readiness Guide and Videos

The report includes comprehensive training material for companies on corporate preparation to carbon pricing which has been divided into 11 chapters. Each chapter was written by a representative from 10 IETA member companies with active carbon market participation. Each chapter focuses on a key aspect of preparing for compliance or involvement in a carbon market. Many of the examples are drawn from experiences with involvement in the Kyoto carbon markets (CDM, JI), the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS), and the California carbon market.
The report includes chapters on carbon pricing preparation, ETS readiness, allowance and offsets management, and trading best practices.

Each chapter comes with its own video, of which a library has been created on the IETA website.


The Business Partnership for Market Readiness is IETA’s Industry-to-Industry Emissions Trading Missions for the Next Generation of Carbon Markets.  Updates from the ongoing mission trips to host countries are listed below.  For further information, click to read more at the bottom of the update.

BPMR Dialogue with State Owned Enterprises for the national ETS, Beijing, China, 2016

The B-PMR held a Dialogue with Chinese state-owned firms in Beijing on December 13, 2016 to help share lessons learned on emissions trading participation and market readiness.

Held in partnership with our Chinese partner, CECEP, the Dialogue brought together +20 IETA member companies and +125 state-owned firms who will participate in China’s national emissions trading system (ETS) from 2017 onwards. 

Read more about this dialogue.

B-PMR Mission in Beijing and Chongqing, China, 2016

IETA, together with the World Bank and the NDRC, held a 1-day dialogue on ETS readiness and experience sharing with IETA member companies and Chinese state-owned firms.  The dialogue took place at the China Hall of Science and Technology in western Beijing.

Read more about this mission.

B-PMR Mission in Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2015

In April 2011, the South Korean government released its final draft for an emissions trading system, modeled on the EU ETS that outlines a three-phase program. This program, however, is not limited to a ten-year term of operation. Korea became the first Asian country to pass a national cap-and-trade system when the National Assembly passed this bill on May 2, 2012 almost unanimously. Emissions trading in Korea began on January 1, 2015. The system was designed to cater towards the opinions of stakeholders and industry, as well as accounting for South Korea’s international competitiveness. 

South Korea is the first Asian country to pass a national economy-wide ETS into law, and it is on track to become the second Asian country to implement its national economy-wide ETS. 

The B-PMR Mission in Korea will compliment efforts being undertaken by the Ministry of Environment, Korea to help Korean industry and market operators understand emissions trading.

Read more about this mission.

B-PMR Mission in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, China, 2014

Annual Report on Shenzhen Emissions Trading Scheme First-Year Operations

A Comprehensive Analysis of Shenzhen's Cap-and-Trade Program - Year one, 2013-2014

Download the report here

An agenda of the B-PMR mission in Shenzhen is available here.

Read more about this mission.

B-PMR Mission in Beijing and Tianjin, China, 2014

An Industry-to-Industry Dialogue on Emissions Trading and Market Readiness

On February 26 and 27, IETA held its 4th B-PMR Mission in Beijing and Tianjin, China.

IETA partnered with both China Beijing Environmental Exchange (CBEEX) and Tianjin Climate Exchange (TCX), with the support of the British Embassy in Beijing to hold a 2-day Mission in two of the Chinese major cities where Pilots ETS have been recently launched.

Read more about this mission.

B-PMR Mission in Shanghai, China, 2013

On October 29 and 30, IETA held its 3rd Mission in Shanghai, China. IETA partnered with the Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange, the British Consulate General Shanghai, and received support from the Shanghai Development and Reform Commission to hold a 2-day Mission in China’s financial capital. Shanghai is one of seven ETS pilots that explore emissions trading at the local level during the 11th five-year plan. As Shanghai will launch it’s emissions trading system in 2013, helping Shanghai companies and industries prepare for operating under an ETS is and important and critical step for the ETS going forward.

Read more about this mission.

B-PMR Mission in Seoul, South Korea, 2013

IETA's second B-PMR mission was held on September 26-27 in Seoul, South Korea. The mission engaged local industry and government officials on the forthcoming emissions trading scheme that will commence in 2015. Currently, regulations are being developed by the relevant ministries.

An agenda of the B-PMR mission in Seoul is available here.

IETA has produced a series of case studies, The World's Carbon Markets, that includes the forthcoming Korean ETS. To view the case studies visit here.

Read more about this mission.

B-PMR Mission in Guangdong, China, 2013

In October 2012, the International Emissions Trading Association launched its Business Partnership for Market Readiness, or “B-PMR.”  IETA expressly designed this initiative to complement the World Bank’s Partnership for Market Readiness and its goal of shaping the next generation of carbon markets.

We are building the B-PMR with a clear objective: to support the development of good business practices in the operation and/or design of market based instruments to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in new jurisdictions that are developing emissions trading and carbon pricing policies.

B-PMR got off to a strong start in 2013 with a week-long mission to the Shenzhen and Guangdong ETS pilots in China.  Invited by local government leaders, the B-PMR organized a team of IETA experts from 20 companies to meet with local businesses and policymakers in southern China.

Read more about this mission.

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