Membership of IETA is open to all companies, business organizations and affiliated national and regional trading associations around the world that have an interest in securing and promoting the effective operation of greenhouse gas emissions trading at national, regional and/or international level. Non-member institutions, such as non-governmental organizations, research institutes and international organizations, are entitled to participate in IETA's activities by invitation.

To apply for membership, simply download, fill out and scan/fax back our Membership Application Form Membership rates now include special low rates for small companies and subsidiaries of existing IETA members. See a list of our current members here.

Why Be a Member of IETA?

IETA has a 10-year history as the standard-bearer for business when it comes to emissions trading. Its founder-members saw that governments around the world would, over time, respond to the climate change agenda by introducing greenhouse gas emissions reduction requirements, and progressively tightening them. They feared that the cost to businesses and the damage to the world economy would be serious.  They saw that a global problem needed a truly global solution, and that a common price of carbon and the flexibility of a wide market would achieve climate goals at least cost.

There was a need for a focus of business support for a market solution.

So from its inception in 1999 as part of the first UN mechanisms around climate change, to the present with deep relationships in all policy centers and commercial arenas, IETA has provided its membership with an unparalleled multi-national and multi-sector voice promoting business-friendly and economically rational and information and forums for its members to prepare for, influence and live profitably with emissions trading systems of all types.  Membership of IETA allows prudent companies to improve their preparation, strategy and tactics for the enormous changes that will be brought about by policies aimed at squeezing carbon emissions out of the economy.


Does your business require you to….?

IETA Can Help

Buy, sell and trade carbon credits

IETA provides policy and trend information through newsletters, tailored advice, conference calls, and forums for discussion and learning; IETA provides harmonized legal documentation; and advocacy with market and regulatory authorities

Assess carbon costs in different markets and how they will grow over time

Members are given opportunities for consultation and outreach with regulators,  governments and international agencies, including UN bodies

Measure emissions and related liabilities

IETA promotes standards and protocols; relevant research and studies in conjunction with universities, foundations and think-tanks

Develop, invest in or buy emission reductions from international or domestic offset projects, including CDM and JI

Members receive information about UN Executive Board and other decisions, and from other offset regimes

Plan for future trading schemes in your region

In multiple national and regional arenas, IETA advocates and promotes rational and cost-effective trading system design and implementation.  As a long-standing official observer, IETA shadows and interprets the UN negotiations and their underpinnings

Promote your company’s environmental credentials

IETA’s history and reputation mean that membership is a forceful statement of corporate support for cost-effective action on climate and emissions reduction across companies’ operations and networks

Use Voluntary Carbon Markets

Use Voluntary Carbon Markets: IETAs dedicated voluntary market subsidiary ICROA, and its work with organizations like Voluntary Carbon Standard Association, the American Carbon Registry, the Climate Action Reserve and others, allows IETA to take an increasing role in developing the voluntary markets worldwide.

Help build reporting, supervision and offset standards and market practices

The choice of technical standards by compliance, oversight and standards authorities can have major impacts on business.  IETA informs, promotes and advocates.

Influence the way the climate agenda develops and low carbon investment is financed

As a respected policy expert on private finance used for climate objectives, IETA generates proposals and critiques of new market instruments and investment opportunities

Provide services for companies engaged in the growing carbon economy

Companies delivering financial, technical, IT and other services to the growing carbon market find IETA an essential tool to inform development and promote their products

What You Get From IETA Membership

  • Participation in any of IETA’s working groups to help form IETA positions, documents and lobbying objectives – no limit to the number of groups
  • Invitations to participate in all IETA-sponsored gatherings including working group meetings, symposiums, seminars and conference calls
  • Discounted admission and speaking opportunities at market leading conferences – Carbon Expo, Carbon Forum Asia and many others
  • Corporate profile, public affairs, strategic planning, and core business benefits of working with and through the only global, multi-industry, multi-sector association in the global emissions trading and climate finance markets

What Makes IETA Different?

  • IETA provides the corporate profile, public affairs, strategic planning, and core business benefits of working with and through the only global, multi-industry, multi-sector association in the global emissions trading and climate finance markets
  • The association is not beholden to the views or any one particular industry or functional interest – any position or practice that IETA develops represents a deep consensus of what “works” for the markets and the environment
  • IETA has a full time secretariat, operating in all major theaters, with outreach to key influencers at the highest levels of market oversight, political implementation, and international negotiation
  • Every member and every sector has a voice – views from all quarters are respected, represented and integrated
  • IETA does not lobby for policy objectives specific to environmentalists or for any one particular business sector; rather it promotes market solutions as first line, most cost-effective and business-friendly means  for delivering agreed-to environmental objectives
  • Major leading international companies from energy, power, heavy industry, finance and other sectors have placed their trust and commitment with IETA; while such companies have specific industry associations at their disposal, they place their trust in IETA as the voice for the intersection of markets and the environment
  • IETA is extremely international, yet our voice is dedicated local to local programs and systems – as markets develop at their own pace, our country-by-country and function-by-function groups will  help you mitigate risks and manage the uncertainties of the global emissions market.