AVIATION and REDD+ Webinar - June 28, 2016

Climate Markets & Investment Association (CMIA) and IETA hosted a webinar on June 28, 2016 entitled " What is the role of REDD+ for the aviation sector?"


Can ICAO deliver a global market-based mechanism triennial Assembly in September?

Is REDD+ a realistic source of supply?

Would the aviation sector be a good fit?


Chris Surgenor (GreenAirOnline)
David Antonioli (Verified Carbon Standard)
Andrew Mitchell (Global Canopy Programme)
Michael Schneider (IATA)
Edit Kiss (Althelia)


Richard Folland (CMIA)
Sarah Deblock (IETA)

Download a copy of the presentation slides here.

For more information about this webinar, please contact Sarah Deblock at deblock@ieta.org.

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